Over the past decade, I have pursued teaching experiences in the classroom, in the lab, and across the broader campus community. I have been an assistant instructor (preceptor) for multiple psychology courses, created and taught an online course (Introduction to Statistics with R), and worked at the Princeton Writing Center. Additionally, I have mentored under-represented students in a number of academic programs (e.g., ReMatch, SIFP), and elected to participate in a graduate teaching seminar. In sum, I have consistently sought opportunities to learn and practice pedagogical skills in diverse academic contexts.

Based on these experiences, I have cultivated a developmental teaching approach: Students are emerging scholars who gradually build the skills necessary to achieve their long-term intellectual goals. In my classes, I aim for every student to have valuable learning experiences that build from their prior knowledge and are applicable to their broader lives. This approach is inclusive of students’ individual needs because it embraces diverse means of learning and assessment. Ultimately, my goal as an instructor is to encourage students to pursue and persist in challenging intellectual work in my courses and throughout their academic careers.

You can read my teaching portfolio here – coming soon!