look out, world

Recently I asked Laura what she wants to do when she’s a grown-up.

Her answer: “Eat cupcakes. Jump in a bouncy house. And RUN.”

Today she’s 3 years old.

Look out, world…


running stata stairs

Ahhh, running…

My original goal was to run my first 5K race in April. After so much training, when the race day arrived, I was just too anxious to do it. I was really disappointed in myself. I decided to try again after a short break. Then Dominick injured his ankle, and I lost my training partner. A short break turned into a long break – 3 months.

Well, the only thing to do is start again!

My new goal is to run my first 5K race this Fall, and I’m back to training. Thankfully, it’s been easier to get back on track than I imagined (feared). My new routine is much more fun, with less focus on distance or time, and more focus on overall strength. I run along the Charles River, through the MIT campus, and finish with 5-10 reps of the Stata Center stairs.

I’m looking forward to achieving my goal and then some!


Recently I’ve taken up running, and I have some mixed feelings about it.

During my 10-minute pace around the track:


During the walk home afterwards:


It’s incredibly challenging, seeing as I haven’t run in, oh… about a decade. But it’s also a great learning experience. My husband is an avid runner, so I have lots of support as I start this new adventure.

Happy trails!