SRCD 2019: language input and prediction

Here are my slides for SRCD 2019. A large body of research indicates that environmental factors like SES play a role in children's language development (for review see Fernald & Weisleder, 2011). These findings reveal that children's day-to-day language experiences vary tremendously, as do their developmental trajectories. Factors like SES, language input, and language processing … Continue reading SRCD 2019: language input and prediction

she roars

This past week, I was honored to give a research talk at She Roars - a conference celebrating women at Princeton. This conference was a unique opportunity to reflect on all the amazing women who have mentored me: Jenny Saffran, Maryellen MacDonald, Melanie Jones, Alexa Romberg, Jessica Willits, Jill Lany, Jess Hay, Jesse Snedeker, Manizeh Kahn, Melissa … Continue reading she roars


This year, I'm also serving as a graduate student mentor for PSURE - the Princeton Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Here's an overview of the program, from the PSURE website: "The Graduate School offers an eight-week summer research experience for undergraduates who express a serious interest in pursuing a Ph.D. and following a career in college or university … Continue reading PSURE


This year, I'm participating in the Princeton ReMatch research mentoring program. My mentee and I will work together on a research project this summer. (Stay tuned for more posts on that!) Here's the mission statement, from the ReMatch website: "Mission: To foster meaningful research collaborations between first and second year undergraduate students and graduate students from … Continue reading ReMatch