final decision

Today I decided to accept the Princeton offer. This is an incredible opportunity, to say the least of it. I'm so privileged to work with creative and inspiring faculty members in the psychology and neuroscience departments, and I'm already thinking of ideas for prospective research projects. Dominick and I are very excited to begin this new chapter … Continue reading final decision

three admissions offers

I now have three admissions offers! There are some tough decisions ahead... Here's where I stand with each school: UMD – offered admission, visiting 2/25-2/26 Princeton – offered admission UCSD – offered admission Rochester – interviewing 2/27-2/28 UIUC – declined Harvard – waiting Stanford – waiting UPenn – waiting Having this many offers frankly never really occurred to me … Continue reading three admissions offers

two admissions offers

Yesterday I got a phone call from my prospective advisor at Princeton: I'm being offered admission! Nothing is official until the graduate school makes the complete offer with all the nitty gritty details, but I'm absolutely thrilled!

one interview done

Princeton went incredibly well, and I had a great time talking with the faculty. It felt a lot less like a scrutinizing interview and more like a casual chat about mutual interests. I especially enjoyed the language group lab meeting, wherein each faculty member in the area gave a brief presentation of their current work … Continue reading one interview done