what teachers make

While prepping teaching materials for Developmental Psychology this semester, I suddenly remembered Taylor Mali. It's been years since I listened to his poetry, but it's still as poignant now as it was back then. (If you're not familiar with his work, I strongly encourage you to check out his website.) In particular, I've been reflecting … Continue reading what teachers make

mentoring contract

Recently I attended a mentorship workshop for graduate students who are mentoring undergraduates in research. One suggestion was creating a mentoring "contract" where mentors and mentees can discuss their expectations openly and figure out what works best for their relationship. I think getting everyone on the same page from the get-go is a great idea, so … Continue reading mentoring contract


This year, I'm also serving as a graduate student mentor for PSURE - the Princeton Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Here's an overview of the program, from the PSURE website: "The Graduate School offers an eight-week summer research experience for undergraduates who express a serious interest in pursuing a Ph.D. and following a career in college or university … Continue reading PSURE


This year, I'm participating in the Princeton ReMatch research mentoring program. My mentee and I will work together on a research project this summer. (Stay tuned for more posts on that!) Here's the mission statement, from the ReMatch website: "Mission: To foster meaningful research collaborations between first and second year undergraduate students and graduate students from … Continue reading ReMatch