the claw

Lately my left hand has been feeling strange. The clenching sensations were perceptible, but this wasn’t visible during the day. At night, I’d wake up in pain, fist clenched, and I thought I was just stressed from interviews. Oh well.

But I couldn’t ignore it any longer when typing became difficult. So I googled it. (Note: I hate to google medical problems. You end up convinced that you’re going to die. But we have terrible medical insurance right now, so I gave it a go.)

In no time, I figured out I have an ulnar claw. That’s right. THE CLAW.

the claw

The good news is that it can be managed with stretching, massaging, splinting, etc. The bad news is that it may require surgery if it gets worse (i.e., more limited range of motion). So for now I’m laughing it off and treating it as best I can, but I’m crossing my claw fingers that it doesn’t get worse…


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