two interviews, one decline

While traveling for the holidays, I received another invitation for an interview – UCSD!

This is an excellent school, and I’m very excited to visit 2/4-2/7. The Princeton interview is 1/29-1/31, so this gives me a few days of downtime before flying to San Diego. I have a feeling I’ll need some R&R in between!

My former labmate Eva will host me and Dominick, and I’m looking forward to catching up with our dear friend. She moved to Germany some time ago, and I can’t believe how much her kids have grown. It will be really nice to have a familiar friend to talk with at the end of the day. Visiting is a marathon of sorts, and I’ll describe that more in other posts.

With happy news comes sad news as well. I received my first decline – UIUC. It’s a fantastic school, and it would’ve been nice to be so close to family in WI, but I just wasn’t the right fit for them. As far as the silver lining, I don’t think it would’ve been an ideal place for Dominick to work (i.e., commuting to Chicago for everything) so it’s surely for the best.

So here’s where I stand with each school:

  • Princeton – interview 1/29-1/31
  • UCSD – interview 2/4-2/7
  • UIUC – declined
  • Harvard – waiting
  • Stanford – waiting
  • Rochester – waiting
  • UPenn – waiting
  • UMD – waiting
  • UW SLIS – waiting

At this point, it’s mostly waiting! In the meantime, I’ve got some reading to do as I prepare for interviews.

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