reading and writing

I’m looking forward to relaxing by the fire and reading papers. (Seriously. I assure you there’s no sarcasm there.) I want to finish a Sperber and Wilson’s paper on Relevance Theory first. Then I’ve got a nice stack of papers to keep me busy well into the new year!

I’m also looking forward to improving my manuscript for the negation work. I’ve got a lengthy to-do list there! As with any goal, it can be broken down into much more specific tasks:

  • Introduction (make a more concise and direct argument)
  • Analyses (use pupil dilation as a measure of cognitive load)
  • Figures (make things more legible; try more ggplot2 R code)
  • Discussion (explain importance of the findings; future directions)
  • References (double-check, alphabetize, add doi numbers)

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