four down, five to go

Today I submitted UIUC!

On Tuesday, I completed most of the basic information for the remaining applications. This allowed me to send all the letter requests to my writers at once. One of my writers has already submitted all of her letters for me, so I’m well on my way to completing the remaining applications. I’ve fine-tuned my personal statement, and it requires minimal editing to explain how I might fit in at each school.

Next, I have:

  • University of Pennsylvania (due 12/15)
  • UW-Madison (due 12/15)
  • Harvard (due 12/16)
  • University of Rochester (due 1/1)
  • University of Maryland (due 1/15)

Importantly, one of the professors I’m interested in working with at U-Penn (John Trueswell) is visiting next week. So I’ll be spending this weekend reading (and re-reading) some of his papers, and preparing to meet with him at Harvard.

Happy to be ~halfway done!

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