transcript labyrinth

After sending all my GRE scores, my big achievement today was recording all admissions information (e.g., who I should contact if something goes wrong) and submitting my transcripts. Critically, I had to make sure my new name was reflected on my student record, so that involved some paperwork with my alma mater first.

Each school seems to have a different preference for transcripts, but the general trend is great: Most schools ask you to upload a .pdf of your transcripts in their online application. Then, if you accept an offer for admission, they require official transcripts. This makes reviewing easier, and seeing as each transcript order costs me $10, I imagine it saves applicants a bunch of money too. (This saved me $70!) It would be great if every school did this! It takes some digging on departmental websites to figure out which method(s) each school requires, but it’s a relief when you find out you can just upload a copy you have on-hand already.

So the moral of the story is: Know which schools require official transcripts with the initial application. It takes some detective work to find that information on each school’s website, but it can save you a bunch of cash!

Next I need to:

  • Finish my statements for Princeton and UCSD (due 12/1 and 12/2, respectively).
  • Update my negation processing manuscript by 11/18. (My plan is to review this with Jesse, and potentially submit the manuscript as a writing sample for applications.)
  • Just keep reading!

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