applying to graduate programs

This year, I’m applying to graduate programs. Working on applications is a long process, and I think having a journal to chronicle the small victories might be helpful. (That was one motivation for me to create this site.) Here’s a brief overview of what I’ve done so far, and what I need to do next.

First, I wrote to professors who share similar research interests to ask whether they might be accepting a student. (This narrowed it down to eight schools.) Then, I recorded all the relevant details for the application process (which varies from school to school). I’ve also been working on my statement of purpose (i.e., an essay explaining why I want to be a graduate student) and have a basic draft which I can tailor to each school.

Next, I need to:

  • Create usernames and passwords for each school’s web-based application.
  • Send official transcripts to each school.
  • Send GRE scores to each school.

There’s a lot more to do after that, but I’ll save that to-do list for the next journal post.

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